Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The lady in red

That was one of those times where I had just changed my job. There wasn't much work load in the office, so I used to spend a lot of time in internet looking for some beautiful faces. I had just turned what I considered as the right age for marriage. So I used to look at matrimonial sites more than anything else. These matrimonial sites are as addictive as smoking. Once you are addicted, the only way to stop it is to get married! Whenever I get some time,  I open my favourite site for a quick look, not to miss any opportunities. It isn't that easy to find the right match on your own without any help from people who really know how to handle these.

After my continuous search, one fine day I saw an interesting profile. A beautiful lady in red dress! It was more than love at first sight. Even before I saw her (personally), I felt we have been together for a long time! Even before I heard her voice, I felt I have had hours of conversation with her. Even before I shared my feelings with her, I have decided we are meant to be together!

That was just for seconds, I came back to my normal state immediately and started thinking practically. I looked at my decision from a couple of angles trying to cover any hidden gaps. After that talked to my friends to make sure I haven't lost my mind completely. Once I got a satisfying reply, called up her parents directly without hesitating much. They didn't look that excited initially, guess they wanted to wait for some more time to find someone better. But they eventually realized the truth and accepted me as the right choice for her...

OK, some of you know this is not exactly how it happened. If you are confused, that is intentional. I am also as confused as you are! I started writing the real blog I intended and thought would tell it in a different way, like a 2-D blog similar to upendra movie. I am very happy that I got it right. I am as irritated as seeing that movie again now, but trying hard to convince myself that this is indeed a two dimensional story. But I also started admiring that movie, knowing how hard it is really to give a two dimensional story that makes sense. Between the other dimension is my recent experience of buying my first car. A lot of things are really true. The car is red, I saw it in a car trader site, liked it in the first look without any intention to wait for a better one! Its been a months since I started using it, and I am finding more similarities with the story [sadly I am not authorized to write about it;)]

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satty, u cud do better!