Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Root of complex PJ

You all might have heard about the complex PJ. If not google for it, you will get something similar to this

Do you want to hear a complex PJ?
Yes !
Ok, Its P + iJ !
Where is the Joke there?
Hehe, it is poor for real, and the joke is imaginary !!!

(for those who have failed in 5th std(?) Maths - complex numbers are represented as p+ij, where p is the real part and j is the imaginary part.)

Now, have you ever wondered who created this or when it was created? I heard this joke first in 1999, March (may be +- 2 months), when preparing for an exam in engineering college. In our first block room number 35, four of us (Dinga, Shrikanth, myself and bootha) are quite (in)famous for cracking PJs. Not sure which exam it was, bootha(his real name is Sunil) suddenly came up with this deadly PJ while we were all seriously studying! After that others were also hammered with this PJ. I still believe bootha hasn't heard this joke before as the use of internet was very limited and I haven't seen him browsing. If you get to know this joke quoted anywhere before 1999, let me know. Till then, Bootha will remain to be the father of complex PJ.

I remembered this while going through an update from one of my colleague recently in google plus, and thought I should share the root of complex PJ with others. That update said 
'All my work is complex! The effort is real, but the results are imaginary!!!'


Viji said...

We cant forget that room where we hosted library:-)

Jagadish said...

Nice one Satty. Bhootha should get the credit for this.And deserves the honor Father of complex P.J.

Viji said...

We will be having mother of PJ very soon

Sunil said...

Guys, thanks! At least now, I feel that I invented something :)
Saty, our room number in 1st block is 37 and not 35.