Monday, November 7, 2011

Satnav setting

'After 300 meters, please turn left'
'After 200 meters please turn left'
'Please turn left, turn left'
My satnav was shouting continuously in ladies voice. Though the voice was quite sweet, I was getting irritated more than ever as it is a familiar road now. I was sure the satnav designer might have kept some option so that it will give me the instruction only once instead of repeating it every minute. After coming home I started searching for all the settings, unfortunately couldn't find the relevant one. Thought I missed something and went back to the settings menu again, and I found the option which I was sure will do the job -  select the male voice.


Kishor said...

OR...turn the satnav off if it is a familiar road!

Sriram said...

One more point.... When you said "Though the voice was quite sweet" whats the use of changing the voice to Male? Wont you think it will irritate more??? Common Sat Man..

Sathisha said...

Right. But I have to do that every-time. You know how lazy I am!
The voice is sweet, but telling the same thing again and again is irritating no? So why not try different one at-least once...

Swathi Kishor said...

Are you hinting you like male voice now Satty ;) Ooops!